Monday, January 11, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 : Personal Reflection

To me, ADMT describes some key elements of making and marketing a product.

Art is essential in marketing a product in modern times. Art and design is interlinked, as design is about planning, and as modern buyers focus more on the aesthetics than the function, design has to incorporate art for the purpose of selling. Art is not only about drawing, but also crafting out an actual object, which most probably has been designed.

Design is really about planning for something, most probably for the purpose to materialise the best possible product. Designing has many stages, such as research, planning, and revision so as to improve the planning, and the final stage is usually taking the final product, after making it, selling it.

Media is a platform to share information, ranging from newspapers to the internet to the TV, but in this case, I am talking about media being used for marketing. This is used predominantly in the form of advertisement, but the less obvious form of advertisement is sponsorship, like in sports, where the logo of the company is displayed on the sportsman's uniform. Other than for advertisement, media is important as if you release important news, without media, few will ever know about it.

Technologies' purpose if to make doing work easier. It can be used for the above points. For example, you can use technology like a protractor or drawing software to make drawings neater, better looking. You can use technology such as organising or presentation software to design products, improve planning and organisation. For media, technology is vital for the sharing of information. Media has only became such a strong platform for advertising as technology has allowed the fast transmission of information via the internet, radio waves or even a printing machine.

I feel that an ADMT student should have a innovative and open mindset towards learning ADMT, mainly because that no primary school would teach ADMT, and that this would be very useful if we go down the entrepreneur path in the future.

My aspirations as an ADMT student would be to learn the engines through which ADMT work and learn their applications in real-life. Hopefully, I would be able to try them out, and use them for I&E opportunities.

I think I should be able to achieve this aspiration by being focused in class, and using them for the ADMT projects. Also, in our later years in SST, during industrial attachment, we can use ADMT for work and projects.

Life would be boring and dull without art, design, media and technology.