Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I think I know slightly more about photography than some of my classmates because I used my father's camera before.

Photography comes from Greek, and is loosely translated as drawing with light. This is true, as images are formed through using light. In the past, they used the camera obscura, usually to take an accurate image of nature. It was room with a hole to let in light, with n artist inside to paint out the image formed by the light. Nowadays, they use film which reacts fast with light to form an image.

Photography equipment, to name a few examples, a tripod, aperture, shutter, lens, photographic film, photoshop (???) etc.

The aperture is quite an important part, as it controls the amount of light entering. It does this by turning some teeth, which constantly form a whole circle.

Here is a website with a list of photography techniques:

A photography competition is where contestants submit their photographs on a theme, and the photographs are judged by a panel of judges. The winners get prizes, usually cash or equipment.