Monday, July 12, 2010

Ergonomics 1

1) The first workplace is more cluttered, limits freedom of movement and comfort, height is not adjustable, the computer monitor is sometimes too far or near, the lighting is too glaring, prolonged use of laptops become uncomfortable and there is little desk space. The second workplace is clear of clutter, allows more freedom and comfort, height is adjustable, the computer monitor is adjustable, the lighting is ambient and focused on the task, there is a laptop holder for laptop users, and there is a lot of desk place due to no clutter.

2) The second workplace is preferred. In the first workplace, there is little freedom of movement, lighting is glaring, and work becomes uncomfortable. The second workplace has a chair that allows movement and comfort, lighting is not glaring, clear of clutter, and overall a better working environment.

3) Comfort and simplicity, incorrect height and depth, task lighting, freedom of movement, prolonged laptop use, and usable desktop space.

4) It takes into account the problems faced by the users to best solve them and appeal to them, so as to be more competitive and efficient.